How Much did AdWords Pay You Last Month?

Learn the AdWords Marketing System that PAYS

clicks CLICKS

“Follow the Money”

How to Buy the Right
AdWords Clicks to Get Paid

basic2-012_shopping_cart_full CUSTOMERS

“Clicks are for Show”

But Conversions
are for Dough

basic2-165_money_dollar CASHFLOW

“Show Me the Money”

We’re Passionate
about Your Profit

These Campaigns Earn Nothing – Why?


basic1-177_checkbox_no Small Daily Budgets

basic1-177_checkbox_no Limited by Budgets

basic1-177_checkbox_no No Conversion Tracking

basic1-177_checkbox_no No Conversion Values

Profit-Driven AdWords Campaigns


As of May 2014, Google is finally
focusing on Profit-Driven Marketing,
which we’ve been doing since 2011


© Google May 2014

$1.00 AdWords Spend = $11.40 Sales Revenue


basic1-178_checkbox_yes 3,628 Sales Conversions

basic1-178_checkbox_yes $485,455.80 Sales Revenues

basic1-178_checkbox_yes $133.80 Average Order Value

basic1-178_checkbox_yes $23,265.00 Daily Budgets

basic1-178_checkbox_yes $11.72 Cost per Conversion (CPA)

basic1-178_checkbox_yes 1,140% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Is this You?

basic1-020_bin_trash_delete Tried AdWords and given up? How to re-start existing campaigns safely and measure your Clicks for profitability.

basic1-126_question_help Using AdWords but no idea if it works? How to understand which Clicks get Customers, and what they are worth to your business.

basic1-174_ok_success_check Doing OK with AdWords so far? How to identify missed opportunities to save money and get more Customers.


 Getting left behind with the latest in AdWords? This website and upcoming Kindle eBook will always be updated with the latest developments.

basic2-299_gear_settings Ready to max out your business? How to improve processes and workflows to expand your business.

basic3-077_user_men_group_people_male Are you using an Agency to manage your campaigns? How to understand their value, and the pros and cons of monthly billing plans.

basic2-105_user Are you a business owner managing your own campaigns? How to set up an integrated marketing machine so you can get on with what you do best.

basic3-075_user_man_business_male Are you an in-house manager for your business? How to get the best performance from all the different AdWords Campaign types.

basic2-106_users_group_people Are you an Agency, or managing multiple Client accounts? How to increase your value to your Clients so they want to pay you more.

basic1-080_money_cash Are you an eCommerce Merchant? How to track and maximise your sales revenues from Data Feeds, Merchant Center, Product Listing Ad Campaigns and Google Shopping.

basic2-298_gear_settings Are you generating leads for others to fulfill? How to exploit your audience demographics for maximum control and targeting of your Campaigns.

basic2-054_world_earth_international Are you generating leads for your own business? How to understand and optimize your lead “supply chain” to get more Customers and increase your marketing budget.

phone-symbol-sm Are you losing online conversions because of phone calls? How to use simple workflows and call tracking strategies to re-capture lost Customer conversions and increase your marketing budget.

Is the Clicks, Customers, Cashflow® system for You?

basic1-125_information You track online Conversions

basic1-125_information You know your Conversion Value

basic1-125_information You can update your web pages

basic1-125_information You can update your sales processes


My Clients using this system don’t pay me a penny unless it works

basic1-142_arrow_right They only pay me a commission in arrears for profitable revenue

basic1-142_arrow_right I don’t charge them a fixed monthly fee or percentage of spend

basic1-142_arrow_right I want more sales volume and revenue just like they do

The Author: David Rothwell

maui200x200David is a former Corporate IT Manager who has been an AdWords Management Consultant to world-wide businesses since 2005, responsible for over $38m US / £24m GBP Client spend and 1.8m sales and leads.

In 2011 after experimentally breaking all the accepted AdWords rules of the day, he discovered the Clicks, Customers, Cashflow® system, and pioneered Commission-Only AdWords Management with no monthly fixed fees.

He has spoken at international conferences hosted by AdWords authors and marketers including Perry Marshall, Howie Jacobson, and Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar, in Chicago, London, New York, and Maui Hawaii.

» More about David


1.8m sales & leads since 2005 – the book that cost over $38m


Why this Kindle eBook and Website?

Amazon-Logo-sm2Your goal should be profitable Campaigns with unlimited daily budgets - or you’re not doing AdWords right.

The first question I ask AdWords advertisers is: “How much money can you spend on Clicks to get a Customer and earn a profit?”

Many can’t answer, so this book was born out of frustration, and I decided to publish the system to expose the misunderstandings, mysteries and myths that stop many businesses from earning profit from Google AdWords.